Monday, June 15, 2009

Globetrottin' Girl

I'm so filled with joy lately--I can barely remember the bleak, lethargic feeling law school gave me. I got four of my grades and have thus far made two As and two Bs...the As were in my hardest classes, so they take away the sting of the Bs. I just should have worked harder in those classes (or actually gone--ha!). But constitutional law was miserably hard--hundreds of pages of material, closed book, needed to memorize case names and years and Supreme Court justices--and I did it. And I didn't just do it--I dominated it. This is the first grade I've ever actually been proud of.

In other news, my weeks have been crazy busy--trying to see everyone before I jet off to London, Paris, and Rome on Wednesday, trying to pack, trying to take care of law school business. Booking a five-day vacation in Puerto Vallarta with the handsome new boyfriend. We're in that lovey phase that's probably nauseating to other people, but I can't help it--how often do you just click with someone on every level? Intellectually, emotionally, physically--I can't believe it's already been a month, or that it's only been a month. I also can't believe how I'm softening--I like to cook him dinner, do his laundry. Erica's getting domesticated, friends. But I guess I can wear a power suit and make great penne pasta, too.

Anyway, I really should go pack--I'm having trouble believing that I did so well my first year of law school, and that soon I'm going to be strolling around Versailles and the Colosseum with my best friend, and that when I get back to America there's an amazing man waiting at the airport to whisk me home.

Also, Sarah has a deal for you if you want some Uggs...enter "FICKLEBROW" into the box in the shopping cart and you can get $30 off a pair of shoes.


Dress: Anthro, Shoes: Naturalizer via Burke's Outlet, Bracelet and Earrings: NY and Co. (My friend's apt!)


*Diane* said...

girlie you look fantastically happy and i'm soooo happy things are great w/ you. 2 things:
~ i LOVE your dress
~Take me w/ you to Europe... i won't be too much of a bother, and i fit nicely into a suitcase!! lol

In case you don't post again before you go, have tons and tons fun on your trip, take loads of pictures, talk to strangers and cute boys. but be wise and careful..

And oh yeah, i'm errr *cough* expecting a souvenir *cough* lol


Sheila said...

You look so happy and you sound happy! I'm happy for you, haha! Hope you have a marvellous trip and do everything that you want to do!

And don't lose who you are while you're in the "sweet" phase of the new man - laundry? Dang, girl, I make all my men do my laundry! ;-P

Erica said...

Diane--Thanks!! I wish I could fit you in my suitcase and take you! We would have a great time and probably have to buy another suitcase to come back with...I plan on shopping. :)

Sheila--Thanks! No, I won't lose myself. :) I'm always sure to spend equal amounts of time with my friends and by my lonesome.

Trace said...

Great update and congrats on the awesome grades! What an amazing time in your life, this post makes me smile Erica! Have an amazing trip, can't wait to hear all about it...I was in London and Paris last year and still dream about them.

P.S. I've been doing my hubby's laundry for years! Love taking care of my sweet guy. But it's a trade-off. He cleans the toliets! =)