Monday, July 27, 2009

Ladies in London

It’s so hard to post in the summer! Hopefully I’ll be better about it as the semester starts up again. (Especially since I might be guilty of posting in class! But when else do you get those things done?)

Anyway, thanks for your advice and support on my last post! Things turned out fine; I misjudged two of the girls and the next day we were friendly. The third one I’m fine with avoiding. Things are still going great with the new BF, too.
Time is going so fast and I have no idea how I will get everything done next semester! I got onto Law Review, which is going to be a ridiculous pain in the ass, and am an officer in Family Law and also will be working for federal immigration court. Oh, and going to class. But I don’t really worry about that. Ha!

Anyway, on to vacation pics, as promised! I'll put up Paris and Rome later this week.

Erica in London

London basically felt like New York City, but without street hot dog vendors. Instead, there were castles and monuments. We were there for three days. We got there after a nine-hour red-eye and proceeded to stay up until almost 2 the next morning, so by the time that day was over we were pretty loopy.

My friend's straightner blew the converter and started smoking...oops!

Albert Memorial in Hyde Park....

Big Ben was actually not that big...

I paid $6 a piece for these pastries at Harrod's. As you can see, they were amazing.

Gardens at Windsor Castle. The royal family has little apartments there that they let impoverished retired military officers live in for free.

The London Eye...we didn't ride this because heights make me frantic. Once on a school trip I climbed up maybe five feet on a zip line and almost passed out. I had to lay on the ground afterward.

A guard! In a furry hat! Notice the little worn path in the stone, too.

The Tower of London. Which is actually several buildings that make up a castle. Who knew? (Probably people who paid attention in European history...oh, and that cylindrical glass building in the background is nicknamed the "erotic gherkin." In case you like trivia.)

Westminster Abbey! It was beautiful but we didn't get to see the inside because it was closed to visitors unless they sat through a service.


Sheila said...

Gorgeous pictures! And great to see an entry! Looking forward to more (and yes, it's hard to post in the summer!).

Rachael said...

Wow great pics! I'm jealous :)

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

Thanks for the post and pictures! I've never been and I learned something!