Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cruel, Cruel

Oh, oh, our professors told us we would have our grades by the end of the day and...they are vile liars.

You might wonder, "Why is that so important? Who cares if you have to wait?" Well, law exams are a whole different game than undergrad exams. You only have one grade--the final--which determines your rank in class, which determines which jobs you can interview for, which determines whether you will get out and pay your loans off in a few years while still enjoying a fairly high quality of life or whether you will get out and have to eat Ramen and sell your eggs to even pay the rent.

The level of competition is high, and people are generally unwilling to admit they might have done poorly. Of COURSE they aced it, they declare smugly, twirling their mustaches and patting their contracts book with smug confidence.

Obviously, however, we cannot all make As--but I suppose aspiring lawyers never had to be good at statistics.

(Although I have been looking at positions with the FBI lately, and honestly that excites me a lot more than the hallowed halls of the law. Better watch out, cannibals! I'm coming for you.)

Hmm...those yellow tights are quite bright indeed. They look more mustardy in person.

Outfit: Shirt and dress: Anthro; Tights: Macys; Boots: Nine West


Sheila said...

What torture! I'm sure you did really well (you're a very smart cookie!), and I think a job with the FBI would be Totally Cool to the Nth Degree.

I love this outfit! The blue and yellow are awesome together!Way to be bold on the legs.

ohthatgirl said...

Love the tights.

You are so descriptive. I literally laughed out loud. I told OTB the other day to apply for the FBI. I'm sure his military background will give him an added boost.

*Lady D* said...

Love,love,love your color combinations. And i'm sure you aced your finals as well :-)

Fashion Therapist said...

The yellow tights look great on you!

Sara♥ said...

FBI! How exciting!! I have always wanted to work within the FBI, however I changed my major after just a couple of the classes I took. Congrats on the grades!!!