Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lapse in Fashion

Sorry for the lack of posting this week--it's been very cold and icy, and I didn't even leave the apartment on Wednesday (which, frankly, was glorious).

In addition, our legal writing professors are assigning, once again, papers that aren't for a grade but that still take an annoying amount of effort, and I've been trying to knock them out early so I can watch 12 hours of America's Next Top Model on Sunday.

But I did...suspense a two-week tour of Paris, Rome, and London, with my best friend, leaving in June! That's really not long enough in each city I suppose, but my finances allow me only a taste and I can go back and explore them further another time.

I'm kind of delirious since booking it, thinking of all the things I'll see...Notre Dame, Versailles, the Sistine Chapel, Pompeii, Westminster Abbey...and I'm also (perhaps overly) excited that I will finally see a John Williams Waterhouse painting. He's my favorite painter, and so I can't wait to get to the Tate and finally see one of his works!

Of course I could stay forever in England, as they have "Victorian Literature" tours where you can travel the country and see Jane Austen's houses and haunts, and the Haworth parsonage, etc., but I think that might be something I do on my own one day.

The Soul of the Rose, 1908


Monique said...

Oooh, I'm jealous of you for your trip!! Have a wonderful time. I majored in Art History, so I am aching to go over sees to Paris, Rome, where ever!

*Lady D* said...

How exciting,i love travelling and sight seeing in Europe sounds divine!!!

Sheila said...

Oh my gosh, how exciting! That sounds wonderful! I will be going to London in 2010 with my other trips planned, sadly.

I saw "The Wrestler" and cried after it ended. Great movie.